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26-Feb-87 - New Orleans, LA

"MTV Mardi Gras", on board the S.S. Presidente, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
with Dr. John, Jimmie Vaughan, and Kim Wilson. Broadcast on MTV on 01-Mar-87.


Scuttle Buttin'
Say What
Willie the Wimp
Commit A Crime
Come On
Ain't Gone N Give Up
Couldn't Stand The Weather
Love Struck (suspected incomplete)

Pipeline - JLV and SRV playing the same doubleneck!
Keep my Business to Yourself - SRV with DT, Jimmie Vaughan & Kim Wilson.
Things That I Used to Do - Same as above with Junior Brown (keyboards).
What I'd Say - SRV with Fab. T-Birds, Chris Layton and Reese Wynans.
Tuff Enuff - Fabulous Thunderbirds with SRV on 6-string bass.
Wrap It Up

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